Jul. 11th, 2009

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This is reposted for friends of mine whose 85 year old aunt is being evicted from her home after her partner died by partner's daughter who does not approve of their "Lifestyle."

This is in Seal Beach in Southern California. Does anyone know of any resources which might be helpful?

from [livejournal.com profile] sushispook and [livejournal.com profile] podle

So - last night I got a somewhat distressed call from my Mom. Her sister's (my favorite aunt) partner of 14 years died on Thursday morning. My aunt Pat and her partner, B, were not much out of the closet - they found each other in their, I guess, twilight years and had a wonderful and loving relationship. Tragically, they never really formalized their relationship legally, and all their property is in B's name. B's daughter does not recognize their relationship at all and has already begun staking claim to her mother's property. I am just hearstick over this. My Aunt Pat is an amazing woman who I have loved and admired my whole life. She's 85 and blind for crying out loud. I am not completely clear on the details but it seems that my cousins are doing absolutely nothing so far to support her because they didn't approve of the relationship.

I don't particularly care if any of these people understand or condone homosexuality - but by all that is holy - where is their compassion? My aunt is grieving, her partner's daughter is already staying in her home and telling her, "There are rules." regarding how long she can be there? Pat can't even make a phone call to discuss this with my Mom unless the daughter leaves the house!

If any of you have ideas for someone who can provide legal assistance or counseling to my Aunt I would greatly appreciate it. She's in Seal Beach (Southern California).

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