Jun. 21st, 2010

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So it's looking less and less likely that a teaching job will be found this year.

I started looking into the Masters Entry Program in Nursing at UCSF. Looks like a 12 month program to get an RN, then you can take a year, no classes,just working as a nurse, get some experience, and then go back for 2 years while working to get your Nurse Practitioner qualification.

I think this seems like a good fit. I certainly have the science background, this is the other thing I was considering when I went to Davis to do the teaching thing, and after 1 year of school (during which year I'm likely to be underemployed or unemployed) my salary would double from what I made in NC as a teacher.

I'm thinking that my experience as a network monkey, and an educator might be able to, in the future, turn this into something good. Some kind of medical-IT-training type thing.

Does anyone have any information about this program, or other programs like it that might be a good fit?

Ideas, thoughts, feedback, advice, random comments?

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