Nov. 3rd, 2003 08:51 pm
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I'm sitting here in the alternating lights/dark with the Wiggles playing on the iTunes the visualiser cranking out some spacey green swirls and Blake running about alternately being the lighting queen, dancing in front of his mirror, and jumping up and down on the bed. (makes typing interesting, and isn't helping the headache I've been fighting off all day.)

You see, it was Halloween last weekend and somehow, somewhere he secreted a stash of M&Ms. Now he's full of sugar just before 9pm, and I'm in for a long night. I don't have any benadryl, either, dang it.

They need to make sedative patches that you can slap on the kid as they run by. No, seriously. They should make a set for the parents, caffeinated ones until the kid knocks out and then mother's little helper for grown-up bed time.
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Things I need at the new place:

A phone. My phone line was supposed to be activated today, but isn't. Don't know if that's because the phone I have isn't working, or if the line hasn't made it here yet.

Ed: just picked this up from craigslist - A printer. USB, compatible with Mac OS X.

I also need to get a bunch of my stuff from LA. Not quite sure how to go about that yet.

I have 40 minutes Blake free to do some school work. Off I go.

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